Bad day to be a DE

Second year DE Alex Buzbee (out of Georgetown) was carted off the field toward the start of the afternoon session today.  I have no details on that, but his face as he was carted off didn’t have that agonized, horrified look that seems to accompany a bad injury.  That’s just wild speculation on my part, based on what it looked like in my ten-second glimpse.

8 Responses

  1. Smoot is hurt.

  2. Pick up the pace. Other sites are publishing what is happening way before you. Let us know what is going on the field as it happens.

  3. Is Smoot really hurt? How bad did it look?

  4. more info please i know theres gotta be more than just this happening there. MORE NEWS

  5. last years blog had updates every 10-15 min during practices, and numerous entries during downtimes. Being the first day though some slack is deserved.

  6. Where is the guy who did the blog last year? Sorry man but your to slow. You have to write about whats going on the field. Who got burnt! Who made a good play! This aint the Washington Post this is the Washington Redskins blog. Come on man!!! Pick it Up!!! 05:10PM

  7. Fox Sports is reporting that we will trade for DE Taylor for 2nd round pick. Any info

  8. Yes, they did trade for Taylor. 2nd round pick in 2009 and 6th round pick in 2010.

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