And that’s why I’m not a medical professional

Here’s the official tally:

Phillip Daniels, torn ACL, out for the year.

Alex Buzbee, ruptured Achilles, out for the year.

Fred Smoot, turned ankle, mild sprain, dramatic throwing of his shoe when it happened, not expected to miss too much time at all.

Vinny Cerrato says that the team is bringing back Jonathan “J.T.” Mapu, who they released a few days ago, as well as bringing in an unnamed veteran.  He obviously couldn’t address the Jason Taylor rumors, so that’s what they remain for now.

6 Responses

  1. Injuries are no fun especially on the first day. How crisp did the guys look during the second practice?

  2. Looks like blowing off the D-line in the draft or F.A. is gonna burn ’em…I wonder if Malcolm Kelly can play DE?


    Ugh, bad, bad news for the D-Line. Not good about Smoot, either, but I’m sure he’ll be ready to go for the season.

    Just found this blog and I look forward to visiting it daily.

  4. The second practice looked less crisp than the first, especially for the offense — Coach Zorn compared it to the minicamps, where the offense looked sharp in the a.m. but less so in the afternoon. LB Matt Sinclair made two picks, and the defense was definitely the stronger unit.

  5. I hope the Skins are smart with their reaction.

    Remember, Renaldo Wynn is available now. We was as much a leader as Daniels..and focused on stopping the run.

    Greg Spires (Tampa) is available too. He is very similar to Phillip Daniels.

    Get well Daniels.

  6. absolutley hate training camp. Always hold my breath waiting for the season changing injuries! Enough!

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