A Few More Commonplace Updates from Morning Practice

Very quickly, a few relatively obvious things I noticed at the morning session.  As mentioned previously, this is through the haze of newness, so it may lack the incisive wit I strive for, but here it is anyhow:

  • It is hot.  Really hot.  Much hotter than it claims to be.  For some reason, the only temperature I could find on the field was in Celsius — 27 degrees, which Google tells me is 80 degrees in America — and it was definitely hotter than that.  The sun beating down on the field means that the ambient air temperature is meaningless, and that’s without factoring in the Northern Virginia humidity.  So if you’re coming to training camp, wear sunscreen and a hat and drink plenty of water and all that good stuff.
  • Chris Cooley is popular.  No matter how popular you think he is — and I thought he was pretty popular — it’s still somewhat shocking how people respond to every. single. thing. he does.  Make a catch, miss a catch, throw the ball back after making a catch, point at the crowd, look at the crowd … every time Cooley moved, the crowd responded happily.
  • Jason Campbell throws the ball hard.  Even on the first day of practice, his arm strength is notable (even to my relatively untrained eye).  Similarly, Santana Moss is even faster in person.
  • Coach Zorn seems smart.  It’s a tough thing to quantify, but when you listen to Coach Zorn speak at length, he just comes across as a smart dude.  It’s apparent in today’s excellent Washington Post profile of him, but even more so in person.  Good sign for a rookie head coach, if you can judge anything from one day.  He also claims to have invented the shaded tents they’re using out on the field — which they’re calling Z Shades, apparently — and seemed mildly surprised that everyone assumed he was joking about that.

I did say they were commonplace….


5 Responses

  1. Great job Matt! Keep it up and thanks.

  2. Hey Matt,

    Great work so far on this blog – those of us who aren’t fortunate to be there really appreciate your work.

    How are the rookie WRs looking? I am really excited to hear about how Thomas and Kelly perform, and how their chemistry is developing with Campbell. Along those same lines, I have the same question about Fred Davis, and how you think he’ll impact Cooley’s playing time.

    And by the way, 27 degrees C is still 27 degrees C in America :)

  3. Thanks for the updates and welcome to Redskins nation!!!

  4. Why can’t they send the tickets out to the season ticket holders in a more timely manner. The week before the first game is just too late!

  5. Zorn knows you can buy those pop-up shade things at the sporting goods store or BJs, right? I hope?

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