Redskins Blog has begun..

Welcome to the Official Redskins Blog. Please excuse our appearance as this site is under construction. But the Official Redskins Blog is here to bring you the uncut, unfiltered view of your favorite team from here at Redskins Park.


5 Responses

  1. I’m a Campbell fan but I feel that he needs more development particularly with his throwing mechanics. His deep ball is too flat and his short ball (under 5 yards) is inaccurate. Flat hard passes are difficult to catch because the receiver has a smaller window to make adjustments. This also results in less yardage where the receiver falls down after the catch in order to better secure the ball received at a high velocity. If Campbell doesn’t make these tweaks soon, the Redskins be in the same position there were in last year under his command. Only time will tell if Zorn can improve on these deficiencies.

  2. For those of us long, LONG time Skins fans who live far away and cant ever get to see what happens during camp, I thank you.


  3. Look forward to keeping up with you all.

  4. How is all the hogs doing today

  5. Cowboys are coming to town to skinn all you little piggies

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